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I pre-registered for the 2025 Bike for Brain Health – Where do I pick up my complementary cycling socks2024-05-13T12:31:38-05:00

You can pick up your 2025 Bike for Brain Health cycling socks at our re-registration table on June 2nd. These are limited edition and available to re-registrants while supplies last.

Why do I have to raise a minimum amount to participate?2024-05-13T12:35:12-05:00

The BIKE is first and foremost a fundraising event, which is produced to raise funds for research, innovation care and education in Alzheimer’s and other dementias. The incidence of dementia is expected to double by by 2031 and disrupt many aspects of life for an aging population, their caregivers, and even the health care system.

We are here to help with any fundraising questions. Check our our fundraising resources to see how easy it can be to reach well beyond the minimum of $175 before the event starts on June 2nd.

What are the registration types and minimum fundraising amounts?2024-05-13T12:21:24-05:00

A fundraising minimum is established in order to participate in the event. Participants who have not reached their fundraising minimum before the event are asked to make a self-donation or raise the required amount prior to being permitted to ride on any of the routes.

Fundraising minimum requirement for any of the routes is $175 for riders 16 and older. Riders 15  and under are not required to raise $175 but are encouraged to raise funds for participating.

Please note: Participants are required to show the minimum amount to participate on their personal pages. On teams, each rider on a team is required to raise the minimum to participate by the event day on June 2nd.

What is the fee to register for this event?2023-12-29T15:17:18-05:00

A non-refundable registration fee is required. This fee helps cover administrative and operational costs for the Mattamy Homes Bike for Brain Health.

The registration fee does not count towards your fundraising minimum.  If you are unable to attend, any fees paid will become a donation to Baycrest and you will receive a tax receipt for a portion of the registration fee.

Registration fees are not tax receiptable.

All cyclists are required to register online before participating in the event and will need to sign a waiver.

Can I register on the day of the event?2024-05-13T12:34:26-05:00

Yes you can. However, registering in advance gives you more time to reach your minimum fundraising goal.

If you register on event day, you will need to pay both your registration fee and your minimum fundraising amount of $175 before the event starts on June 2nd.

Are there food and drinks along the route?2023-12-29T15:22:10-05:00

Yes, there are 4 rest stations along the route, which will have snacks and water.

How long is the route?2024-04-01T07:28:47-05:00

We have four route lengths: 10km, 25km, 50km and 75km.  Check out our route maps.

How does Baycrest impact the community?2023-11-06T17:13:34-05:00

There are currently more than 500,000 people living with Alzheimer’s disease and related forms of dementia in Canada. As the population ages, the number of people with dementia or cognitive impairment in Canada is expected to almost double to about 1.4 million by 2031. At Baycrest, our work helps to preserve and extend the cognitive and emotional well-being of older adults.

Donors to the Baycrest Foundation play a critical role in keeping Baycrest running as government funding only makes up about 64% of our revenue. Contributions to the Foundation go to support Baycrest’s most urgent needs, encompassing all aspects of assistance towards our organization’s operational requirements and care for the 1,100 older adults who call Baycrest home.

How much of the money raised goes to the cause?2023-11-06T17:12:59-05:00

One hundred percent of all donations go directly to the Baycrest Foundation, some of which support the cost of the event. Proceeds are then invested in leading-edge cognitive neuroscience research, advancements in the mitigation of age-related illness and impairment and the care and treatment of patients living with dementia, Alzheimer’s and other brain function related illnesses.

Am I really making an impact?2023-11-06T17:11:45-05:00

Absolutely. Bike for Brain Health in support of Baycrest will make a profound impact on the Baycrest Foundation’s mission to support Baycrest, a global leader in brain health and aging.

Where do donations go?2023-11-06T17:10:57-05:00

To provide crucial funding for breakthrough research into cognition, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and aging brain health; medical programs and services for older adults living in our community; and education that supports healthy aging and healthcare solutions for a growing aging population.

When will donors and sponsors receive a tax receipt?2023-12-27T19:34:46-05:00
Can I receive a tax receipt?2023-12-27T19:38:21-05:00

Tax receipts are not issued for Registration fees. However, donations made to the event are, providing these conditions are met:

  • The donation is $10 or greater.
  • The tax receipt is being issued to the person who made the donation.
  • The tax receipt information and donations are received within 60 days after the event with all donor contact information.
  • All other CRA conditions are met.
How do I collect off-line donations and pledges?2024-04-01T07:31:24-05:00

Your supporters can donate using cash, cheques or credit card. Access the offline forms here. Once you’re finished fundraising, you can submit the offline donations/pledges by mail or in-person to:

Baycrest Foundation
Attn:  Bike for Brain Health
3560 Bathurst Street,
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6A 2E1

How do I fundraise online?2023-12-29T15:20:10-05:00

We have made fundraising easy!

Step 1:  Log in to your Participant Centre

Step 2:  Upload your address book

Step 3:  Use one of our pre-written emails or create your own

Step 4:  Send it out to all of your family and friends!

You will be notified when someone sponsors you, and you can send Thank You emails from your Participant Centre.

Can I defer my registration to next year?2023-11-06T17:07:19-05:00

Registration fees and donations cannot be refunded, transferred to another participant or deferred to the following year.

Can I bring my child and have them ride in either a bike seat or trailer/chariot?2023-11-06T17:00:38-05:00

Yes, this is permitted. The child must be registered for the event and wear a helmet. Fundraising is not required but certainly encouraged. No pets allowed in trailers or on the route.

For the safety of all riders, please cycle on the right side of the road if you have a trailer, are riding at a moderate pace, and/or are riding with children.

Where can I park on the day of the event?2024-03-12T12:56:01-05:00

There is limited paid parking on the Exhibition grounds. We strongly recommend using public transit or riding to the event if possible.

What happens if I miss the start time?2024-02-01T08:14:36-05:00

Unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done. The start line closes at varying times depending the the route you are riding. Please see the details on the Bike Routes page.

Can I bring cash donations to the registration desk on the day of the event?2023-11-06T16:57:39-05:00

Unfortunately, we will be a cashless event. Cheques and all major credit cards will be accepted.

How do I get to Exhibition Place if the DVP is closed and I am travelling south?2023-12-29T15:19:21-05:00

Click here for directions.

What kind of bike do I need to do this ride?2023-11-06T16:51:13-05:00

If it has pedals, you can ride it.  The includes e-bikes, pedal-assisted bikes, unicycles, tricycles and cargo bikes.

Are there rest stops along the route? Are snacks and water provided at the rest stops?2023-12-27T19:29:41-05:00

Yes!  We will have 4 rest stops along the route where you can grab a snack and some water. Each stop is placed approximately 10km-12km apart.

How can I ensure I will be safe on the road?2023-11-06T16:49:43-05:00

We take road safety very seriously.  We will have route marshals along the roads, as well as EMS and Paid Duty Toronto Police.

For the safety of all riders, please cycle on the right side of the road if you have a trailer, are riding at a moderate pace, and/or are riding with children.

When encountering large groups of riders, it is incumbent upon you to prepare and know basic cycling etiquette.

Are there rest stops along the route? Are snacks and water provided at the rest stops?2023-11-06T16:47:51-05:00

Yes!  We will have 4 rest stops along the route where you can grab a snack and some water.

Can I participate if I don’t ride a bike?2023-11-06T14:02:57-05:00

You sure can!  You can join us as a volunteer.  Sign up on our website to let us know your availability.  

When will sponsors / donors receive a tax receipt?2023-11-06T14:01:42-05:00

Personal tax receipts will be emailed immediately after all on-line donations.

Corporate donations / sponsorships, and donations that are mailed in will have a slight delay while it is being processed.

What should I wear?2023-11-06T14:00:50-05:00

Wear comfortable clothing that is safe for cycling.  Please note that a helmet is mandatory, and must be worn at all times while cycling on the roadways.

For longer distances, consider wearing padded bike shorts.

For cooler, early morning rides, consider wearing lights layers of tops to ensure you remain comfortable throughout the event.

Can I change my route after registering?2023-11-06T13:59:10-05:00

Yes, at any time! Contact the Bike for Brain Health team, and we will be happy to change your route distance.

Do you have a route map with distances?2024-04-01T07:33:12-05:00

Check out our route maps and distances here.

Can children participate?2023-11-06T13:54:41-05:00

YES! All ages are welcome at this event! However, all children 15 and under must be accompanied by an adult and be registered as a participant.

What can I bring with me into the event?2024-04-01T07:36:41-05:00

All bags must be checked at bag check or left in your vehicles before being permitted on the road.

*Please note, backpacks, saddle bags and bike panniers are not allowed on the ride. Bags must not exceed 5 x 15 x 5″ in size. Tool pouches that fit under one’s seat are allowed.

Will the ride take place if it rains?2023-11-06T13:52:59-05:00

This is a rain or shine event, however, in the event of extreme weather, we may need to cancel for everyone’s safety.

Where does the event start?2023-11-06T13:52:13-05:00

Bike for Brain Health will take place at the Enercare Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto. (MAP)

Are helmets mandatory?2023-12-27T19:46:38-05:00


Can I use an E-bike?2024-04-01T07:38:08-05:00

Yes but only E-Bikes that are considered Class 1, having pedal assist only, no throttle and a maximum speed of 32 km/h.

Can I volunteer for the event?2023-12-27T19:53:59-05:00

Everything you need to know about volunteering is here.

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