Route Maps

Toronto Like You’ve Never Seen It!

View the video maps below. On event day, start out at 25Km and then decide if you would like to keep going. It’s up to you!

Our maps include the average moving time (does not include rest stops) it takes for family groups with young children, casual and advanced riders to complete each route so that you can plan accordingly. All distance milestones are clearly marked along the routes.

There are rest stops along the routes approximately every 12-15 KM. Exact locations will be announced before the event.

Please plan accordingly. The route opens for 25k, 50k and 75k opens at 6 am and access closes at 9 am. The 10k route opens at 9:30 am and closes at 10:30 am.

The suggested start time for 75k riders is between 6–7am. All riders must be off the highway before 1 PM. See individual route requirements below. Route marshals are deployed throughout the routes to help ensure the safety and compliance of all participants.

Bike for Brain Health Map

Family 10km

Bike for Brain Health 10 KM map

Recommended for families with young children. Ride 10KM and come back for Pedalpalooza!
Start time: 9:30 am.
Route entrance closes at 10:30 am.
All bikes must be off the route by 11:00 am.


Bike for Brain Health 25 KM Map

Route opens at 6 am.
Access to route closes at 9 am.


Bike for Brain Health 50 KM Map

Route opens at 6 am.
Access to route closes at 9 am.


Bike for Brain Health 75 KM map

Route opens at 6 am.
Access to route closes at 9 am.
Suggested start time: 6–7am.

To complete the route, riders must:

  • Enter the 2nd loop at Bayview by 10 am.
  • Pass the Dunn Avenue exit by 12 noon (just west of the event site)

Routes are subject to change without notice.