Workplace Giving

What is Workplace Giving

Workplace giving, also named employee giving, are programs that offer employees the opportunity to make donations and/or contributions through payroll giving, automatic systems, and any other programs the company facilitates.

Did you know...?

You, your colleagues and/or Donors can give through your workplace giving program directly towards your fundraising goal!  By following the steps below, you will see you one-time or recurring donation come through to your participant page.

Setting Up Your Workplace Giving in 5 Steps:

Step 1

Connect with your HR or Corporate Social Responsibility Team to find out how to donate personally and/or direct colleagues who wish to support you.

Step 2

Indicate the amount and frequency of the donation (one-time or recurring).

Step 3

Include your name, event name and the team/participant you are donating to.

Step 4

Select payment method (payroll deduction, credit card, or debit card) through your Employer’s online platform (Benevity, Canada Helps or other)

Step 5

Please select YES to the option ‘Information shared with charity'. This will allow us to link your donation easily to a Participant’s or your fundraising page. If you prefer to remain anonymous, please feel free.

Final step

Fill out form below:

Workplace Giving

Personal Information

Address Information

Additional Information

By completing this form, you will help us link your donation to the intended participant weeks sometimes months in advance! We do not receive the information from workplace giving platforms in real time and this form is not connected to your giving platform. This form and the information you provide will not only speed up processing it will ensure your donation makes it onto the intended fundraising page in support of our events.

Please allow 7-10 business days to process your donation after you have submitted this form.

Ask us for help in completing form if needed. We are here to support you! 

Corporate Matching

Many Employers support event participants and corporate teams through donation matching. If you would like support setting up a match, please get in touch with your HR team to find out more regarding matching dollars available. For example, whether or not the match per donation is 1:1 and what the maximum amount your organization would like to contribute.

For reference, our charitable registration number is 11921 5242 RR0001.

Have questions? Contact us.

Jill Knight-Hunt at or 416-785-2500 ext. 2558.