How to become a

Fearless Fundraiser


Who are Fearless Fundraisers?

Anyone who raises $1,000 or more in funds! With thousands of participants riding their bikes on the DVP this year, we have estimated that 1 in 10 riders will raise $1,000+. This group of fundraisers can be anyone — even you!

What does it take to raise $1,000?

There are many ways to raise $1,000 in funds, but the most successful fundraisers combine multiple methods. The key ingredients to Fearless Fundraising success include:


The most common indicator, but not always, between all of our Fearless Fundraisers is TIME. The sooner they’ve registered, the more likely they are to reach this goal.

Self Donation

Most Fearless Fundraisers lead by example. Asking for donations from friends, family, and colleagues while proving you’re committed makes it easier to receive donations.

Who They Ask

Everyone. They ask everyone they know. It’s not even about who you know but more about how
many people you know. On average, it will take 18 donations to reach $1,000.

How They Ask

No method of asking for donations is the best. They all are! Change it up! Get the word out with email, phone calls, text messages, and social media.

Ok, so you're a Fearless Fundraiser, what does it mean?

In addition to riding your bike on the Don Valley
Parkway and Gardiner Expressway, when you
become a Fearless Fundraiser, you will receive the
following perks:

  • Exclusive Fearless Fundraiser cycling jersey
  • Secure bike valet and bag check
  • Access to the Fearless Fundraiser Lounge
  • Complimentary hot breakfast and lunch
  • Exclusive tables in the Lounge
  • Team Photo
  • Support from Baycrest Event Managers
  • Preferred Parking

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About Baycrest

Baycrest is a global leader in aging and brain health with a vision of a world where, with your help, we can all Fear No AgeTM.

Baycrest is an academic health sciences centre fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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