David C

David C

I am sharing my story with you as a husband, caregiver and individual deeply affected by a recent experience.

My 74-year-old wife was admitted to Baycrest Hospital last fall and after her four-month stay I felt compelled to share our story and express my gratitude to everyone who made it possible for me to rediscover at least part of my dear wife that I had thought was lost forever. Baycrest restored and extended some of the joys we can continue to share together, and for that I am profoundly grateful.

I include you in my thanks because as a Baycrest donor, you have played a significant role in our story. By supporting this remarkable organization, you have helped to improve our lives substantially. I hope you will continue that support today with a gift to Baycrest.

My wife had signs of dementia for two years but it wasn’t until she was assessed and diagnosed by a behavioural neurologist at Baycrest that we definitively learned she has Lewy body dementia, the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease. The diagnosis led to a change in medications that has proven to be effective at calming her anxiety to manageable levels.

She was also attended by a family physician with great empathy and sincerity. I cannot stress enough the good that he did to our morale in the clarity and kindness of his advice and comfort.

Physiotherapists began treatment for her stiffened muscles, which are now showing signs of continuing improvement. An occupational therapist worked on her wheelchair to effect a number of adjustments that have made it safer and more comfortable. A dietician ensured her food was always well prepared and suited her well. A speech-language pathologist helped by ensuring her needs were understood and met.

She enjoyed the visits from a music therapist who found the right songs for her and showed great patience and a cheerfulness that really made a difference. A social worker helped secure and accelerate admission to a facility combining independent living and nursing home options where we both now live.  Our preferred arrangement, although earlier than anticipated, has now come to pass.

We have had to navigate a difficult path in our lives. Baycrest helped us through it in a short time to the best outcome imaginable.

We experienced a wide range of the therapeutic care and support offered by Baycrest and we appreciated the professional and caring attention provided in every case. It is really difficult for me to imagine a better working atmosphere and a more supportive, understanding, cheerful and loving hospital environment than we experienced in this one.

I hope our story – just one of many Baycrest stories – gives you a sense of the impact Baycrest has on people’s lives thanks to your generous support. I hope our story inspires you to make a donation to Baycrest today so that other families can cope with life-altering conditions like dementia and achieve the best outcome imaginable.

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Baycrest is a global leader in aging and brain health with a vision of a world where, with your help, we can all Fear No AgeTM.

Baycrest is an academic health sciences centre fully affiliated with the University of Toronto.

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